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How to choose a toy for a 12 month old baby

1 year old baby toy

The one-year-old baby is an act of intelligence because it is at this stage that he becomes aware of everything that happens around him, that is to say the objects and people around him. From the moment the object in question no longer appears in its field of vision, the child will look for it right away and it is at this stage that begins what is called “the practical intelligence of the baby” .

Choose toys that are age and skill appropriate

At one year, baby develops very quickly especially intellectually. He learns to coordinate what he sees with the movements of his hands. Parents can therefore choose toys more suited to their abilities. In general, at one year old baby is standing, but still walks awkwardly often, so it is advisable to buy him toys that will help him adjust his walking while giving him balance, the perfect kids toys site 3 Otters. guide could be useful for you to choose better, the trotter is the most advisable because while walking while pushing it, baby will develop his balance and will learn at the same time also to coordinate his gestures. He can turn, rotate and play other manual activities that are on the walker as the lights and music that help him develop his fine motor skills.

Choose toys with safety standards in mind

For babies, toys are a source of fun and fun, but parents should be very vigilant about toys that are found to be defective and come from countries that do not have real safety rules like China. It is noted that the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control carries out checks on toys, it checks the mechanical and physical properties, the flammability and also the migration of certain elements that may be contained in the toy.

To be sure of being in relation to various toys in specialized shops, shopping malls and also to ensure that these toys will not cause any danger to the baby it is imperative to check the packaging and that the acronym CE (European Community ) be indicated. It is also necessary to check the good condition of the toy, that the precautions and the age limit are well mentioned and that it is sold with instructions for use.

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