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How to make an indoor Easter egg hunt

hunting easter eggs

Let’s face it, the weather at Easter is not always sunny. It is usually always a little cold and if you are brave enough to go out, you will probably have a shower.

So today, I’m going to explain how to have so much fun with an indoor Easter egg hunt. I’ve even introduced some printable Easter hints for this free hunt to help you create a real treasure hunt: just look at the complete list of what you need, tips for hiding eggs, and download free indices.

Easter hunt childI also invite you to discover The great surprise of Easter, an Easter treasure hunt to print at home for children from 7 to 12 years with clues in image, diplomas to print and especially … it can be made to inside or outside!

Set up your indoor Easter egg hunt
What do you need ?

The configuration of your inner egg hunt is quite simple: the only thing you will need to plan ahead is a selection of small objects / toys / candy to hide.

Rather than using real eggs (which can become smelly if you forget where you have hidden them), I recommend using fillable eggs that you can fill with sweets and small toys for the one who finds them. You can even hide a big chocolate egg as a big prize (just make that egg harder to find).

Ideas for filling eggs: mini chocolate eggs, Easter bunny lollipops, small toys, sweets …

Hide the eggs
Indices of Easter Egg Hunt Indoor

Before you start hiding your Easter eggs, download the hunt clues for free (you can also create your own). Print them and each time you hide a fillable egg, put a hint inside that will direct the children to the next egg. Make sure the clues match where you hid the eggs!
Use the whole house or not?

Using the entire house for your Easter egg hunt indoors is your choice, but I recommend you limit yourself to the lower floor or a few rooms.

If your kids are excited about looking for eggs, it’s not a good idea to get them up and down the stairs. Limit your egg hunt down, it will be much safer.
Where are the best places to hide Easter eggs indoors?

As for hiding places, I recommend that you use different colored eggs for different age groups and hide them in easier / harder places depending on the age of the children.

Easy stash for young children: behind sofa cushions, behind curtains, behind doors, under a table, in a shoe … If there are only young children for Easter hunt, do not use clues to print and only eggs with surprises inside!

More difficult stashes for older children: inside a cup in a cupboard, inside a vase, in coat pockets, inside a roll of toilet paper, inside inside the teapot, inside a pillowcase, in the magazine rack …
How many eggs hide per person?

The number of eggs you will need for your indoor Easter egg hunt depends on the number of children participating. As a general rule, I recommend around 7-10 eggs per child to give a good chance that everyone finds some eggs and surprises.

You now know how to do an Easter egg hunt indoors!

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