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Mardi Gras: 10 easy makeup ideas for kids

It’s coming soon Carnival for children! But for you, it’s especially time to find them the right disguise. gives you a boost with these 10 last-minute makeup inspirations.Carnival is coming … it’s time to think about the disguise of children! It’s always so cute to discover the little ones having fun in their pretty outfit. But it is not always easy to find an original idea, without breaking the bank! Or sometimes, it’s time for Mom and Dad to imagine the ideal Mardi Gras costume. In this case, do not panic, Harry Potter wizard wand makeup will save you!

Your little one will be able to put himself in the skin of his favorite heroes. Spiderman is popular among boys, but your little one can also be a female heroine. Go for a makeup of Wonder Woman, girl power oblige! Tiger, butterfly, rabbit … Animals can also be part of it. Whatever your preference, the loulous will be the cutest to have fun, why not scroll as is often and, especially enjoy donuts!

Choosing to make a make-up will give free rein to your imagination and your artistic sense. gives you tracks and ideas to get started, but then, place your creativity. Quickly discover our 10 make-up last minute to make for mardi gras!

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