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Musical toys: what toy for what age?

Music boxes, mobiles, rattles … Among the many toys offered by specialized stores, it is sometimes difficult to know which toy best suits the needs of your loulou. Some tips, depending on the baby’s age, to choose the musical toys.

Musical toys for babies from 0 to 6 months: mobiles

Designed to stimulate the curiosity and senses of Baby, musical toys can take different forms and adapt to the stage of development of the child. However, in her first six months, Baby is still too small to really care about these toys. It is therefore not really useful to invest in expensive products. However, no matter how small, your loulou needs to be stimulated. That’s why musical mobiles with little fluff or colored objects are perfect. Even if they are not able to recognize these objects, looking at them will cause visual and auditory stimulation. The repetitive side of the little lullaby and objects that twirl will also fix his attention and at the same time cause falling asleep.

Musical toys for babies from 6 to 12 months: rattles, music boxes and awakening tables

From six months, your child has more and more facilities in terms of his motor skills and it will only increase crescendo. At the beginning of this period, the rattle is a good compromise. Baby can shake, chew and touch different textures. Squeaky or noisy objects are also appreciated by children of this age. Remember to choose them in easily washable materials for more hygiene. When then, he begins to trudge and to sit, the music boxes and tables with several elements (sounding buttons, squeaks …) are ideal. With the sounds, colors, shapes and textures of these toys, all their senses are on the alert. They encourage the development of his movements but also of speech with the memorization of sounds.

Musical toys for babies from 12 to 18 months: small instruments and toys to shoot

Baby enters a phase of exploration and intense discovery. He becomes independent and has an almost constant need to be solicited and stimulated. Walkers and pull-and-pull musical toys are perfect for working on your motor skills while still waking up to sounds and colors. Miniature musical instruments such as small drums are a good first step if you are thinking of writing it for music awakening classes. They will stimulate his auditory sensitivity and his gestural coordination. Nevertheless, make sure that the sounds produced by the musical toys are not too strong so as not to damage the baby’s hearing.

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